The purpose for The Norwegian Camelid Association (Nkam) is to help camelid owners make a joint effort in establishing a platform that uses the valuable properties of the camelids. We desire a model for camelid ownership based on production so that livestock sales is not the most important source of income, but exploit the value of the camelids.

We envisage community facilities to harvest what the individual needs to make a living, a joint effort to get camelids publically approved as the valuable production animals they are, and to gain support for the necessary initiatives needed to make it happen.

Membership is free as Nkam wants to base its work on voluntary work as it starts up, but if enough camelid owners sees the value of the model we present we envisage a compensation for all the work later in the process. We strive for a coop, where knowledge and resources are shared.

If you share our vision, please join us!